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Anyone whose life has been touched by Diabetes, knows that the consequence of a diagnosis extends far  beyond the need for  chronic medication. Diabetes affects every aspect of an individuals’ life and impacts relationships at home, school or the workplace.

Diabetes is a chronic disease which can be treated,  but there is no doubt that a supportive multidisciplinary team with a dedicated interest in diabetes, can offer a comprehensive  holistic approach and will optimize successful outcomes.  Whether you have  “mild or early” diabetes or you  have  established Type 1 or  Type 2 disease,  our clinic will offer you a “one-stop shop” for the diagnosis and up-to- date medical  management of your diabetes. We also have a resource directory for any aspect of diabetes care.  The emphasis of the clinic is on diabetes education, self-empowerment and self-care. We screen for diabetes complications  ( eyes, kidneys, feet, cholesterol and BP), diet and exercise advice is offered and supportive counseling is available.

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