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Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?

Insulin Pump therapy is available to suitable patients with Type 1 Diabetes ( and occasionally Type 2 patients under special circumstances). It allows the continuous delivery of insulin subcutaneously without the need to regularly inject Insulin with pens.

Insulin pump therapy should be assessed and commenced at a registered insulin pump center. The clinic currently uses the Medtronic link and Roche link Insulin Pump devices.

  • Unstable sugars despite  all efforts to optimize readings on pensets.
  • Patients who require greater flexibility and quality of life, especially if there are significant sport or irregular lifestyle demands.
  • Night time lows (nocturnal hypoglycaemia)
  • atients unaware of their lows ( hypoglycaemic unawareness).
  • Patients with emerging diabetes complications.
  • Patients on very small doses where pensets are unable to deliver accurate amounts.
  • Women planning to fall pregnant.
  • Patients with a persistent painful neuropathy.
  • Patients in whom fluctuating insulin requirements are needed.

These indications will need to be assessed on an individual basis and patients need to be adequately prepared before commencing therapy.

Continuous subcutaneous glucose(sugar) monitoring  is available to patients both on and off an Insulin Pumps. It  is helpful in identifying problem treatment areas in patients on pensets.  Combined with Insulin pump therapy, studies show improved glycaemic control.