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Medical Aid information

We are proud to be affiliated with the CDE which is a dedicated Diabetes Management Program offered by certain medical aids. Specialist diabetes care is offered at NO EXTRA CHARGE but you will need to register for the program. It includes the cost of your medication, Specialist Endocrinologist visits, Educator visits, Dietitian counseling and your eye screening with an Opthalmologist.

You will have access to our 24 hour emergency diabetes hotline and your care will be based within the Diabetes Life Center. Your current premiums remain as is, and you are not billed directly at all for any of these services. Contracted Medical Aid Schemes currently include: Discovery Comprehensive plans,LACOMP, Anglovaal, Altron, IBM, M-Med, Bonitas, Barloworld, AECI, Fedhealth, Medshield, Libcare, Cape Medical Plan, CAMAF, Pick n Pay, ANGLO, Protea, PG Bison, Compacare, M-Med, Rand Water, Xstrata, Siemans, Wits Medical Fund, Sasolmed, SABC, Metrocare, MBMed, Tsogo, Retail, Quantum, EDCON For more information please visit the CDE website.

Medical Aid Charge Out Rates

We charge medical aid rates and are contracted as designated services providers to most medical aids: Diabetes, raised cholesterol, hypertension and renal failure are all chronic conditions that need to be registered with your medical aid ( even if you are only on a hospital plan).They are termed Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB).
Current legislation states that the costs of diagnosis and treatment of these conditions need to be covered by your scheme and SHOULD NOT BE PAID FROM YOUR DAY-TO-DAY BENEFITS.

Remember that “chronic registration” doesn’t only cover the cost of your medication but also allows you benefits for doctors visits and blood tests and the costs needs to be covered by the medical aid even if you have “no funds or savings”. You will need to contact your medical aid and request your PMB treatment plan which details which medical services will be paid from your PMB benefit. We can assist you in registering you for these  benefits.

In addition, some medical aids are contracted to the Center of Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE) with whom we are affiliated. There is no additional premium for registering with the CDE and it offers you FREE Specialist diabetes care.