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Weight Loss & Diabetes

Remember that Type 2 Diabetes is an epidemic driven by the effects of our modern lifestyles. Type 2 diabetes is a condition of Insulin Resistance and is often associated with high blood pressure and raised cholesterol.  There is a direct link between weight gain and diabetes and the new term of “DIABESITY” emphasizes the struggle that Type 2 patients face with obesity and sugar control. Diabetes , cholesterol and blood pressure improve if you are able to lose weight, become more active and reduce your waist circumference.

The Problem

The problem is that this is very difficult to do. A lot of people try and fail and  unfortunately the reality is that the minority succeed, but you will never regret giving it your “best shot”.   Most of us would rather swallow tablets    ( and maybe even inject insulin) than accept that we need to adopt healthier eating and exercise regimes . Part of the problem is that there are numerous weight loss and exercise programs advertised and it is easy to be overwhelmed at the choice. Some make unsubstantiated promises and would be detrimental in patients with chronic medical conditions. The other problem is that conventional medical referral patterns do not strongly enough  emphasise the importance of lifestyle modification and certainly do not cater for regular contact with your diabetes team.

The Solution

Central to the success of our clinic will be an integrated diet/ exercise and behavioral modification program. We offer an initial 12 week “getting started” program for newly diagnosed or established patients wanting to embark on the challenge of improving their medical conditions through lifestyle changes. Our team of  dieticians, biokineticist, doctor and specialist nurse will  keep you motivated and more importantly track the  improvement of your medical parameters. Medication adjustments are frequently necessary as your health improves and we offer the facility of on-site training with your medical team close at hand for added reassurance.  It is often intimidating and frustrating when emabarking on programs where your gym or nutritionist do not recognize or are unfamiliar with your special medical needs.